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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Somerset SAINT (school aged immunisation nursing team) will be visiting your child’s school on 24th October 2018 to administer the nasal spray flu vaccination to Years Reception to Five. If you have given permission for your child to have the vaccination please could you inform the school:


  •          if your child is wheezy on the day of vaccination, or has been wheezy in the three days prior to this date


  •          is asthmatic and has had to increase his or her asthma medication since you returned the consent form


  •          if there are any other changes in your child’s health since you returned the consent form


  •          if your child has already received the flu vaccine via their GP recently, it is really important that you inform the school otherwise your child may be immunised again because Somerset SAINT may still hold a consent form for them

Best regards

Immunisation Team 

Tel:    03003230032

8     Web:  www.sompar.nhs.uk