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Goldfinch Class 21.06.2024

We have had a varied and exciting week in Goldfinch class this week. 

For topic, we virtually explored Somerton on the chrome books. We used google maps to find places in Somerton and then used street view to look at the places in more detail. We enjoyed looking at our local area in more detail.

In maths we have been learning about movements. We have worked very practically to move things and turns things, using words such as left, right, forwards, backwards, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

In English we have been enjoying 'The Diary of a Wombat.' It is a very funny story and we are using it to help us to write our own diaries next week. We have also been learning about apostrophes for possession.

In Computing, we created our own stop motion animations. We had to create a background that had some movement and we had to add an object and animate it. It was really fun.

In science we have been learning about the importance of washing hands to keep us healthy. We put glitter on our hands to act like germs. It spread just like germs. We then made predictions and carried out an experiment to see which was the best way of getting rid of the glitter/germs. We looked at just a paper towel, just water and water and soap. We found out that water and soap is definitely the best way.

We have continued to practise hitting and catching in pe. In music we have continued to look at beats of different tempo.