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Goldfinches 03/02/23

This week in Goldfinch Class we have been doing all sorts of things. In English we finished looking at the Diary of a Wombat by writing a diary as though we were the family in the book. We had to explain everything that the mischievous wombat had been up too. Mrs Taylor kindly sent us some photos she had of a wombat to look at. We then recapped instruction writing and wrote a recipe for making Tacos. In maths we have been dividing by 2, multiplying and dividing by 10, as well as understanding doubling, halving and what makes a number odd or even. In Science we looked at how animals and plants depend on each other in their habitat. Today we were lucky enough to have a flashback lesson to our Explorer topic, we watched a live lesson talking to astronauts and heard all about travelling to space.