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Pipit Class 03/02/2023

We have had a super exciting and busy week in Pipit Class. This term we’ve been learning about Superheroes in our community so we became detectives. The children were puzzled when they discovered a crime scene in the classroom on Monday and they were keen to investigate who had captured the poor vegetables. The carrot had been stuck to the table, the pepper was hanging from the ceiling, the pear was wrapped up in paper and the melon, mango and pepper were trapped under a basket.


We searched the classroom for clues using magnifying glasses and took everyone’s fingerprints. The children found lots of evidence which they noted down ready to inform the Police. Luckily most of the children in Pipits used their veggie crime knowledge and suggested the Evil Pea might have caused all the mischief. 


In Literacy this week we designed 'WANTED' posters to see if we could catch the Evil Pea. We also planned very carefully a trap to catch the Evil Pea, using treats, sticky tape and a basket. We waited patiently all week and it finally happened! As a class we decided to lock him in the cupboard and hope he never returns...


Great teamwork this week Pipits