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Wagtail Class 03/02/2023

The 'Evil Pea' has been on the loose in Foundation Stage this week. Our literacy hook was a crime scene from the story 'Supertato'. This has been a massive hit with Wagtail Class....


The children immediately turned into detectives trying to solve the crime. They participated in lots of lovely activities that included; role play hot seating - where they pretended to be the vegetables from the story and were interviewed by the rest of the class. This was lovely and one child said "All of a sudden it went dark and I saw something green, the evil pea must have got out from the freezer. I then woke up and was wrapped in toilet paper".


We took the children's finger prints, made our very own Supertato and used these to retell the story. The children have also designed their very own wanted posters for their literacy work this week.


We have finished this story off by making a trap to catch the evil pea. Will we catch him?

Well done Wagtails what fabulous detectives you have been