The new term starts for pupils on the 8th September 2021

Coronavirus update 4th Septemebr 2020

This is your daily email to keep you updated on the government’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

New Action Cards from the Joint Biosecurity Centre: How to respond to and report cases of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Joint Biosecurity Centre has published Action Cards to provide the latest instructions to anyone responsible for businesses or organisations to identify, report and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. This includes action cards for education sectors.

The cards are designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on-hand. They provide the owners and managers of organisations a single point of access to the right information to ensure local Health Protection Teams can be notified quickly.

The cards complement and support existing local or sector specific guidance and are not intended to replace existing guidance or the expertise of local public health professionals.

Reminder to submit the daily online educational settings status form to the Department for Education

We understand that this is a busy time for schools and colleges as you welcome children and young people back into education safely whilst ensuring they get the best possible start to this academic year.

We would like to thank those schools and colleges that have completed the daily return to date and ask you to please continue to provide information on your educational setting’s status. Please complete the educational setting status form by 12 noon daily.

Your data helps us build a national picture of educational provision so that we can focus support more effectively, monitor the impact of the virus, help inform the government’s response and ensure children are safe.

Further guidance on completing the educational setting status form can be found in the guidance on recording attendance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Health and Safety Executive announcement on supporting schools to implement protective measures

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is continuing their work with schools to ensure all possible steps are taken to help keep pupils and staff safe and reduce the transmission of coronavirus.

Over the coming days and weeks, HSE will be phoning schools to check their risk assessments and the arrangements they have in place to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

To assist schools with any calls from HSE, we would suggest staff are made aware of the checks and designated individuals are familiar with the school’s risk assessment. In cases where the initial call raises concerns, HSE will work with schools to advise on next steps, which may include a visit if appropriate. This will be on a suitable date and time arranged in collaboration with the school.

We know that schools are working extremely hard to protect staff and pupils by putting protective measures in place. We hope this additional support from HSE will provide further reassurance to staff, pupils and parents.

Please ensure you’re following the latest government guidance and any subsequent updates issued by the relevant authority.

If you have any questions or concerns about coronavirus, the HSE has standard questions and answers available, if you still need assistance you can contact them by phone or email. All information is available on their website.

Public Health England report on the preliminary results of the coronavirus (COVID-19) testing and antibody prevalence surveillance in schools programme

Public Health England have published their report on the preliminary results of the COVID-19 testing and antibody prevalence surveillance in schools programme, also known as ‘sKIDs’.

The report concludes that there is no evidence that pupils and staff who were in schools were at increased risk of COVID-19, compared to the general population, and infection and transmission rates were low in preschool and primary schools under surveillance during the summer.

The information below hasn’t changed since yesterday.

Exam Results Helpline now available until 18 September

The Exam Results Helpline, delivered by the National Careers Service, has been extended and will now be available until 18 September to provide additional support to students and their parents as they consider their next steps. Callers to the helpline will have direct access to experienced careers advisers who can advise on the different options available to them including T levels, A levels, GCSEs, BTECs, apprenticeships and other vocational options. Support will also be available on topics such as clearing, university, gap years and the autumn exam series.

Phone: 0800 100 900

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm

Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline by calling:

Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm