Coronavirus Information 21st October 2020

21st October 2020

This is your daily email to keep you updated on the government’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Remote education good practice guide

Our get help with remote education guidance provides support for school leaders and teachers to improve the quality of their remote education provision using both digital and printed resources. This platform has been developed to share good practice and has been designed in collaboration with schools. The platform includes a good practice guide and school-led webinars on remote education.

Recordings of the remote education webinars for primary and secondary school leaders are now available on the Department for Education YouTube channel.

Funded guidance and training available to support remote education arrangements

The EdTech Demonstrator Network is available to help schools use and embed technology where possible, to develop a remote education strategy, foster better links between teachers and their pupils, track pupil progress, promote wellbeing and protect teacher time. This support includes ways to use Google or Microsoft digital platforms in addition to any plans for printed resources.

The EdTech Demonstrator Network has launched ‘Steady, Ready, Go!’, a website that provides video tutorials to support schools and colleges who provide remote learning largely offline, as well as those with more embedded technology, where possible.

All schools and colleges are encouraged to use the EdTech Demonstrator Network where online access is available to access targeted support, advice and guidance that meets individual circumstance and time available.

Further information on the support available to schools can be found in our guidance on the Get Help With Technology programme.

Attendance in schools, colleges and early years settings

Over 99% of schools in England have been open every week since the autumn term began, with over 7.3 million pupils attending last week.

As expected, during the last week a small proportion of pupils have been self-isolating, however this is a similar number to previous weeks with the average group size being small compared to the total number of pupils.

Explore education statistics provides a high-level national summary of attendance in education settings from Monday 23 March to Thursday 15 October and early years settings from Thursday 16 April to Thursday 15 October.

Register your school’s interest in the National Tutoring Programme

From November, schools will be able to access support for children and young people who have been most affected by school closures during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak through the National Tutoring Programme.

To register your interest in joining this programme, visit the National Tutoring Programme website.

The National Tutoring Programme are also hosting a webinar for schools on Thursday 5 November at 4pm that will provide an introduction to the programme and details on how your school can get involved.

The information below hasn’t changed since our last update

Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline opening hours

The Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline is available to answer questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to education settings and children’s social care.

Please listen carefully to all of the available options before selecting the most appropriate option for your nursery, school, college or university.

Please select option 1 or 2 if you require specific advice on the action to take to respond to a positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your setting. This option will take you through to a dedicated team of NHS Business Services Authority advisors who will work through a risk assessment with you to identify close contacts and will inform you what action is needed based on the latest public health advice.

Please select option 3 or 4 for any other questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) relating to education settings and children’s social care.

Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm

Look up your unique organisation number (UON)

If you have not received your unique organisation number (UON) for ordering new coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits you can can look it up using your unique reference number (URN) or your UK provider reference number (UKPRN) or by calling the Test and Trace helpdesk on 119

Department for Education guidance

Our guidance to support education providers, local authorities and parents during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak can be accessed using the links below: